Size tables


Measure the circumference the hand you use most often without taking your thumb. Do this with your hand closed. Then check the table below. But beware: the differences in subsequent sizes are subtle, so just take a size bigger to be sure.


Here you find size tables for ladies, gents and children. The French sizes don't come too big, so certainly in the event you're going to wear thicker socks it might be best to take one size larger.

Measure your size by putting your heel against the plinth of the wall and measure from plinth to your big toe.

Explanation of the French terminology

Pied maxi = maximum foot length

- int chaussure = the internal space in the shoe (of course a bit larger then the lenght of the foot)

- FR = French or European size (but check the remark about wearing thicker sock)

- pointure = size.

Size table ladies

Size table gents

Size table children

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